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Sauro Tonucci was born in Fano, in 1956, where he lives and works.

From an early age he learned metalworking by attending a technical school.

From 1973 to 1987 he worked in the factory as a metalworker.

He first learned artistic techniques from his grandfather and his father Gino.

In his work, he cuts and welds iron, using almost completely recycled ferrous materials.

His works are often tales of a world, now disappeared, a life lived in the countryside among peasants, people of great values.

His themes range from memories, religious themes, real life and character stories.

He loves to tell stories about the daily life of society, he acclaims the beauties of nature, he loves simple things and believes in the important values ​​of life.

However, man is always at the center of his works.

His memorable series of the “Giants”, tells the stories of real and non-mythological characters, lived and known in his life.

His first works began in 1971, while his first exhibition dates back to 1978, he continues to exhibit up to the present day.

Some of his works, such as the “Madonna del Cantoniere”, are exhibited in San Cesareo di Fano. He is present, with various works, at the open-air museum of Piagge (PU).

He is a member of the Pro Art of Piagge (PU) and of the cultural circle “Carlo Antognini” of Ancona.

Some of his works have been praised by the poet Mirco Agostinelli.

Silvia Cuppini, Lorenzo Fattori, and Piero Talevi wrote about him.